What do yall think? Why is everyone roasting them on Youtube??? I think they did good!

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       I'm trying to understand your train of thought but it seems to shift in feeble attempts to substantiate your argument. I don't think the Doll stock has dropped; what I saw, especially during the battle of the bands, was the beginning stages of moving away from that McKinley twang (which is that Doll and Stingette blended flavor) to emphasizing those hallmark, traditional fundamentals that we've grown to love about the Dolls. 

Additionally, the Dolls are there to entertain and perform, and yes, just like any other team. Why is handling that business being theorized as some abstract concept, but assessing a possible misconceived lack of camaraderie, maturity, and respect within the team--through video--is empirically expressed. It's like trying to convey intention and tone via text. 

casandra murphy said:

we are expecting THE DOLLS. every team does and can do what P.H just mentioned i.e handle business. but it's something about "them dolls" that has you hooked and you don't know why lol they don't have fabulous (exceptional, mythical, extraordinary) in their name for nothing! okrrrr!

anyways, imma stop expecting, coz that's what leads to disappointment and looking like we're "nitpicking" for not having basic expectations.

as someone said, maybe it's time i stopped projecting mature and refined on these girls. idk but i shall see how the season pans out.

but at-least, can you try to be what you're known for...

and i know i'm coming down on 16, and i don't mean to overlook their talents, but to me, it's about more than that. there are many talented dancers out there. i personally value relationships over talents and i believe in bonds. i respect those who show respect especially when it's hard to do.

the view the org has shoved in our face is that there is a bond between crab sisters... so in light of that, my view is that you're not supposed to let anything come between the bond. i do understand even the best families bicker etc but at-least try to cultivate some maturity when it comes to how you act, react. especially if you're in college, this is THAT time to grow and think through how to best handle situations and people, and really OWN your own journey. These are the lessons you'll need later in life.

anyway, imma chalk it up to being human and stop expecting so much in the extraordinary from them.

we ALL fall short from time to time, i know i have.

I was hoping we would never see this uni they have on ever again! But Geaux Dolls


One of my least favorite uniforms lol. I heard it rained unfortunately.

Why does everyone hate this uniform so much lol? It's not that bad. They've had worse. 

SUAlum11 said:

I was hoping we would never see this uni they have on ever again! But Geaux Dolls

I don't like it because of the way it twist to the side when they dance and maybe it would look little better if the 4 lines that were connecting the top and bottle was a little skinnier but yeah they've had worst. 

I don't think is bad, but I can see why one wouldn't like it. It's very basic, and it reads "swimsuit."

Nothing about Tara stands out to me but her leg extensions she looks  dolls that came before her lacking having her own individual ora her movements in stands come off forced and sloppy her field technique is great tho but still don’t get the hype behind her 

nsuking2005 said:

*including Dannie.

BandJunkee said:

Taneria danced circles around every Doll last year, except Dannie. Now, people want her and her sisters gone? Chile. Idk what folks want. 

Gabby is still getting out danced in the stands

How can a person be out danced?

Joe Thomas said:

Gabby is still getting out danced in the stands

Definition of outdanceoutdancedoutdancing. transitive verb. : to outdo or surpass in dancing : to dance more than or better than.

Vamped09 said:

How can a person be out danced?

Joe Thomas said:

Gabby is still getting out danced in the stands

Tictoc you better give  the definition 


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