The Fabulous Southern University Dancing Dolls: Chapter 10 - The Chronicles of Super-Doll Slayage

This weekend's Chronicles reveal that The DOLLS will be staying at The Dollhouse, and hosting the Foxes of PV.  This match-up has grown interest wise, since Forever Doll Shawn Z. became PV's sponsor.... Also, the homecoming parade will take place today (Make up for the canceled parade earlier this season, due to the storm).  This will be another early game (4:00 P.M.)....  GEAUX JAGS!!!!!!

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Last year's homecoming was fun for The Dolls and spectators alike!

SU Homecoming 2016:

Update:  The annual homecoming parade has been cancelled, and the game moved up to 1:00 PM, due to Tropical Storm Nate.....  This schedule is in effect until further notice.....  So hopefully Nate takes his business elsewhere, so that we can get a full display of talents (0 quarter, game stands, halftime, and 5th quarter)....  

Are the Forever Dolls joining them in the stands again this year? I thought they only did that every so many years or whatever. I hope the weather passes or at least allows them to make it through halftime! Glad they moved the game up! Sucks for tailgating tho.

Hi Heart!!!  Several Forever Dolls were planning on participating in the stands, but I was informed this morning that the changing of the entire game day schedule caused them to cancel it...  I hope Nate goes on about his business!!!  LOL!

I didn't respond before the other thread was closed. I do want to mention that several people who were in favor of Connor being captain and currently groaning about the sensual element of the style are confusing me. Connor gave nothing but sensuality, but many praised her for it. Why is it an issue now? Are we cherry-picking?

Arguably, she was more sensual than KP and Anngelica, whose styles had an appropriate touch of come hither.

YES they're, because QUEEN Connor only DID hers as a interim CAPTAIN AND only a 3 Year DOLL an still served #SLAYAGE !!! #shedancedandworebloodyshoesjustabeauty

Who were those people??

Because my memory could be failing me, but I believe that about 95% of the people who were all here for Connor up front are currently LOVING the new sensual style.

They have on Sea’s bayou classic uni. I have been begging for that uniform to make a reappearance.
My reply is in response to PHs cherry picking question.

Not really. Like I said, for the most part, I love the majority of the new counts they've introduced. And we can't even begin to sit here and compare Connor giving a touch of sensuality to for the most part traditional and flirty counts and Danny and the current team actually having sensual counts. Lol
And I think KP gave way more sensuality than Connor did. Connor just had body for days lol
I know! I love that uniform!!
They wore the blue pea coat as well


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