Well another one is in the books!!!!  Thank God for yet another season of graceful slayage and accomplishments from The Fabulous Dancing Dolls of SU!!!!  

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The battle this WEEKEND in HOUSTON, is going to be EPIC !!!!     #can'twaitandpleasedon't/rain 

My favorite stands performance thus season so far is 'The Weekend' @ Crankfest! #GeauxDolls #GeauxVote

Yep this was my fave from this season also. More so because I didn't expect it at all and all the counts went perfect with that song.

Well the Dolls and Jukebox have Clinched the 2018 and 2019 Cotton Bowl in Dallas! SU vs.Texas Southern!

TSU doesnt travel enough to make them a good replacement for either Pvu or Gram. Dont know how I feel about that. SU vs PV, or SU vs Pine Bluff probably would have been better.

SU has alot of sponsorship is one reason...but I think it should have been vs. PV too

I have to agree with you. I like SU in it, but just not against TSU. and pray to GAWD TSU doesnt have another nearly winless season going on next year. smh. Sometimes I be wondering what these promoters be thinking.

They really wanted SU in it because of ticket sales and sponsorship. It might have been TSU over PV because of scheduling conflict. The article said that it had to be a weekend in the month of October that both schools could agree on without a schedule conflict/Or already scheduled game against another SWAC school.
It’s SU VS TSU due to the fact that pv and gram already play the 1st weekend of the state fair. That game isn’t going anywhere

that makes sense. thanks for the info, but still kinda weird considering SU and TSU historically have always played each other later in the season.

Just a little something to brighten everyone's spirits in preparation for the game later today....  Here's a bit of footage that explains the source of the new percussion we heard in "I Like Your Smile" and "Get Busy"....  LOL!!!  Play with Mrs. Rose if you want to....  Check out the sequence she breaks down @ 1:10...  This is what Dannie was so amused about in the footage from the game....  Geaux Mrs. Rose (New Orleans Tambourine Lady)!!!!  SN:  She's actually pretty famous in her own right, having performed with Eve (Get Your Tambourine On), and several other celebrities... She was also featured in "The Fighting Temptations" movie...  Mrs. Rose got skills though....  LMAO!!!

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