The Fabulous Southern University Dancing Dolls: Chapter 10 - The Chronicles of Super-Doll Slayage

This weekend's Chronicles reveal that The DOLLS will be staying at The Dollhouse, and hosting the Foxes of PV.  This match-up has grown interest wise, since Forever Doll Shawn Z. became PV's sponsor.... Also, the homecoming parade will take place today (Make up for the canceled parade earlier this season, due to the storm).  This will be another early game (4:00 P.M.)....  GEAUX JAGS!!!!!!

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Receipts !!!!

Dani has had social media ablaze today. LOL I love her! #GeauxDolls

I love me some, Danielle. #ImWithHer

I said it a long time ago, but my comment was deleted lol. Somewhere along the way Traditional doll style has turned into gold n bluez. In addition to becoming a stands squad. Never thought I’d see the day where I prefer a black fox halftime over a doll halftime.


new thread please


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