The Legendary Prancing J-Settes in Jackson Christmas Parade

Those gorgeous darlings from Tiger-land and the Sonic Boom were spreading a little Christmas Cheer & Joy this past Saturday in the Jackson Christmas parade.

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They looked amazing and the band sounded great. It's good to see the thrill, which had waned over the past two years, returning to the J-settes. They seem like they all want to be there and they're enjoying it, but still disciplined. 

I like this clip! Other than Golden Delight, no one can work a parade like the Prancing J-Settes!

Yesss ladies serve!! When you hear them boots a clackin you know there ain't no slacking. Nobody does it better!!!

Looking great J-settes!

I love how well they keep their lines, it's a small detail but that takes a lot of practice. They're so clean too!! Every movement is a perfect frame.

Nobody wear those Nancy boots like them J Settes!!

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