The Southern University Fabulous Dancing Dolls: 2018 Parade Season Part 2

The Ladies have their first parade of the 2018 parade season under their belts, and Jordan led again!  BTW: Someone deleted my first post on the parade season, so we'll see how this goes.....



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I hope you guys don't stop giving feedback and constructive criticism. That's what this forum is for. And as much as "stans" dislike it, some things mentioned here have been slowly coming to fruition. Anyway, I've been loving their presence this parade season. Not sure we even usually see them this much. Love the formation and fresh approach to parades/marching.

And this paragraph is probably where people will be upset with me since things seem so sensitive in here right now... I think Jordan is doing great upfront. One could assume the captain position is totally hers but I still would like to see what the other ladies have to offer. I've stated in the past I'd like to see a co-captain like Mel to soften up her harsh edges. But I understand them if they want to just stick with what works, being Jordan at the helm, instead of exploring the other options. Another thing, Kaylon's presence is missed. I definitely hope she reappears. But as solid as she was as a dancer and Doll, something about her persona did give me one&done. Don't shoot me and I certainly do hope I'm wrong on this. LOL!

Jordan wasn't bad at all. As I've always stated, she just need to be more versatile. I love her excitement, but her excitement can break her, if she's not careful. There were instances where she would randomly stop and do a count; it looked a little rushed. Other than that, I like her. 

Constructive criticism is good but I’m so tired of hearing the “no technique “ argument. One of the most overused terms on this board. Especially when you look at a routine and it is loaded with technique. In one routine that everyone hated, I saw chaine turns, a 6 O’clock, a Russian leap, pitch kicks, switch leap etc. I can name tons of other technical elements but you get the point. The execution may have been sub par but if you’re proclaiming to give highly technical assessments than provide it. Lol. A little off subject but I’m just saying. Lol

Which routine are you referring to?

Im not a Jordan stan....yall know yall have never read my advocate for anything about Jordan. Yall thru this "Stan" word around like you do the word "hater", when you just want to dismiss whatever someone is talking about. I love the Dolls, never one particular person. 

The “Imagination” routine. The routine had some good moments but I understand some of the criticism.
Tailyn is leading today and I am absolutely here for it! Can’t wait to see the clips.

TAILYN!!!! Sometimes she gives me authentic 90s Doll & other times she gives me the fine softball player that discovered she had a niche for dance! But even in all her quirkiness...there is something about that girl!!! She just pulls me in, which Jordan doesn't do. No shade or slight as I'm sure it's just a style preference FOR ME!

I feel the same way, I’m a fan of all the girls. It’s just Tailyn that makes me scream
The clip is up and they're coming from under THE bride !!!! #lookingfabuliousonyoutube
Tailyn is fine as hell!!!
Oh my GOD, Tailyn aka tee money is ROCKING that shut !!! #straightfromthebottomup

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