The Southern University Fabulous Dancing Dolls: 2018 Parade Season Part 2

The Ladies have their first parade of the 2018 parade season under their belts, and Jordan led again!  BTW: Someone deleted my first post on the parade season, so we'll see how this goes.....



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and as I addressed in a previous message, when the hell was Seaera inconsistent? you CAN NOT be serious with that? if anything , she performance and technique got BETTER by her Senior year, with the exception of her Bayou Classic BOTB performance, ofcourse.. lol

I understand what you're saying.

All of the inconsistency you're referring to is from her growth as a Doll. In that case, most, if not all, Dolls are inconsistent by default. '13 Dannie didn't stand out dance wise, but she had an IT factor that couldn't be ignored. TBH, none of '13 crabs impressed me; Jeanne wasn't all that exciting either. 

Taneria and Dannie are twins; Taneria looks and dances like '14 and '15 Dannie. It's like Taneria is following in Dannie's footsteps.

'17 Dannie was grown woman and was a lot different from energetic and fierce Dannie in '16. Yes, I'm going to blame her knee for her "inconsistencies" this season. You could literally tell, but the damn girl pulled through with an injury!! That's legendary and dedication. She was Seaera Jr. with A LOT more form in '16. She brought more drama (very DT like), sex, variety, and diversity in '17, which could classify her as boring or inconsistent in your eyes; she was more mature and subtle in the same breath. She kept people on their toes. However, she was repetitive at times; she created sooo many counts that it sometimes hindered her. 

You gotta admit that the girl is a bad ass. 

TBH, she was the only one fit to take the Dolls in the right direction in 2017. Yes, the fieldshows could have been better, but they weren't bad at all. We can all agree that the band didn't do the team any justice. 

Whoever becomes captain next season needs to bring back Maya’s counts from Bayou Classic. I really liked them and want to see them more. Especially the new one thrown to Sex With Me.

AGREEEEEEEEED !!!!!! That "Doll throw" mirror count is literally one of the best new counts to come from Dolls, to include Dannie's 17 season.  To be honest, I prefer much of those new Bayou 16 counts to the new ones we got this past season.  They were fresh, flirty, and sassy, but very much Doll and didnt give off "Im trying too hard to be Different for the sake of being different." 




Classic ... Point blank period.  Lol

I'm just upset that she didnt get a full captain run because I can only IMAGINE the uniforms that would have come from her.  She's a lover of a French cut leo, also. 


I was just looking at a few clips from it yesterday and totally forgot about those counts. I’m so pressed they didn’t throw not 1 this season lol.

Speaking of uniforms…what happened this past season? We had to wait till Bayou Classic to get new ones. Was it a money issue? Danielle not having the time to design new ones? I’m curious. It’s not a big deal as the girls looked stellar this season wearing the older unis and chose the perfect games to wear each one. My hat goes off to Dannie for being bold and wearing the traditional for the first half and Bayou BOTB Leo the second half of the TXSU game. That was a nice touch.

Agreed about the counts! I know it's been said that there was some deliberate shade with which counts were thrown this season and I didn't buy it when just thinking of '15 counts, but when also considering '16 counts under Maya, I can't help but feel like there's truth to that. If so, they lowkey threw out the baby with the bathwater. Because I went back and watched some of the Bayou 2016 clips and they brought out a few really good counts that weekend. 

Also, I'm personally still perplexed that they opted to do the jaguar leo for halftime/second half over traditional. Only because the hanging accessories on the leo would make it hard to maintain if you do too much movement. Even watching the halftime feature, at least one of the girls' accessories on the back actually came apart by the ending.

I'm still mad she Danielle un Frenched the traditional and DT Bayou leo.  I would do a damn French cut remake of the remake lol!  

because doing a field show, kicks, and toe touches in a french cut leo may get a little.....ummm, interesting .. lol

I've only seen like 2 schools do that, and I live here. 

Thats not it.  Dolls have BEEN performing in Free cut Leo's. The Free tradition has been around since the 90s.  And they wore it, French cut and all, for the field performances, and even danced in HEELS.  

I just think it's real convenient that just as SOON as the stands uh .. changed, the cut of the uniforms did too. Ijs. Lol 

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