I Would Like To Say That I Have Seen 12 Personally Recorded Video From This Game. Shoutout To Both Bands And Drumlines And Individual Sections From Both Bands Along With The Respected Section Leaders Of Both Bands. I Don't Want To Leave Anybody Out. Shoutout To The Grambling Drum Majors And The Marching Storm Drum Majors And Last But Not Least The Band Directors Good Job.

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both bands did good for the coldness bad weather and horn dont mix but it was a good showing as usual with both bands no one can say one did the other this is the 2nd band each have seen but i expected more from both due to gsu had 2 weeks an a few days to prepare and pv had a whole month but itrs understandable on pv side minus the drums missing practices but thats no exucse but good job to both stand it came to what u liked but i like pv new songs i love gsu selection had me groovin but halftime went to gsu hands down they housed out biggggg pv was kinda dry but i like their beginning of their dance routine with the chop chop thng 

I was impressed with a Video I saw. Look on my page. I have a lot of videos favorites look at the one that says GSU-PV Highlights. Man it's 15 Minutes long

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