Say what you want about Golden Delight, but one thing you can’t deny is that GD has a strong legacy of amazing leadership teams.  And, this year with Marci serving as head captain I’m sure the 2019-2020 season will be no different.  Marci is well-known in the competitive cheerleading world, I mean this girl has been on national championship teams, she has been on a reality TV show, and in magazines. MARCI HAS FANS!!!!! However, Golden Delight is something completely different, and I’ll be the first to say when I heard that Marci made the squad I was a little bit nervous for her, (Changing styles isn’t easy and we all know Golden Delights style is a beast to master), but, Marci has excelled, now she is a fan favorite. With her background, ambition, and talent I honestly can’t see a better captain to bring this “new era” of Golden Delight other than Marci.  Mrs. Tiffany KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING

P.S… I Aggiehead, reserve the right to modify, delete, and deny ever making these comments if my edges are still attached to my scalp at 9:15pm on September 1, 2019… ( Just a heads up my roots are strong AF.. AND THAT’S ON LIFE!!)        

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.... Exactly.... But great and honest reviews Be Objective!...

Bandfanatic1984 said:

You know Miss Tiffany and staff. Always have their ears to the ground! 

jessie said:

I think you always do a great job with your reviews. And your ratings for this week show was spot on. I hope Ms. Tiffany or GD staff reads and take all the constructive criticism into mind. 

Be Objective said:

Week 2 Review! As always, I would love to engage in respectful dialogue. Let me know what you think!

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