Its  funny how Tenn St,  talked all dat noise until the clips came up to show how the Juke dug in that azzzz.  Now JSU is about to finish the job.  So Tn ST, how does it feel to write a check you can't cash??.



#had to get that on my chest!!

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As much as JSU an SU dont get along, I have to
what up pat u back in mobile??

Naw.. Im in New Orleans still.. Im back every weekend tho.. I know u hittin BR on the 17th??

i kno rite.... tnst not even in the top 5 marching bands anymore.. smdh..
Anything to justify a win SU. The quote of the day: "GET A EFFIN LIFE" and down.
LMAO TSU was set up badly this year..two ass kickins back to back damn LOL
This entire thread deserves a "like" *lol*
I must say so as well
The thing about it that you have to realize  is the backlash wouldn't have be been NEARLY as bad had so many TnSU people not been talkin trash before the clips arrived. Y'all should take this experience as a lesson and keep y'all mouths closed next weekend. Thanks for those clips you put up though...
I disagree.  TennSt was doing ok against the Jukebox the first 58mins of the game.
Cause yal wasn't there! LMBO!!!!


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