Its  funny how Tenn St,  talked all dat noise until the clips came up to show how the Juke dug in that azzzz.  Now JSU is about to finish the job.  So Tn ST, how does it feel to write a check you can't cash??.



#had to get that on my chest!!

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That seems to be the word from several media sources that if the SWAC invited TNSU, they would join. Ya'll just need to step it up with having a solid baseball and softball team, because our teams are on it in those sports.

gotcha,, yeah pretty much all of this is just our opinions's cool
yeah i hear that too.. but knowing the AD, they would have some explaining to do to recent coach hires....a lot of coaches wouldn't be at TSU if we were at SWAC school...especially on the basketball front...i can tell you for SURE that if TSU basketball was in the SWAC, Basketball recuits and coaching staff would LEAVE for a better conference..

Look at the comment on this video on you tube..


This band is truly stuck in the past. They play the same field music and do the same shows. Nothing new. WOW!!!! Tradition will only carry you so far. Even the announcer is saying the same stuff from the late 80's early 90's.

same ass show every year

Uh oh. Not the infamous "Boom alumni who the opposing band's fans just so happen to find/sit down by and they proceed to say: yes your band is smashing the Boom. The Boom is sorry. Your band shouldn't have even come because the Boom is no match for you guys."...Not THOSE JSU alumni. LMFAO. Every OPPOSING TEAM'S FANS seem to find those guys each


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