I recently been watching a lot of your videos and they are very entertaining.. however, it would be very much appreciated if you would zoom in a little more especially on the dancers because they have the least publicity. They are also apart of the band and they deserve to watch themselves perform. Therefore, the band people and auxilliary can enjoy the best of both worlds.. Please show close enough so we can identify.. please consider this the next time you film... thanks pls.. no "viewer want to see ants" lol you still can year the band play and also watch the dancers, flags..etc. consider it

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I just think it is a little bias to just film the band especially when the camera is far away. have the dancers ,and flags in it also. it will have more hits
truth is, the band stands there doing nothing spectacular outside of huffing and puffing in the stands.and the dancers are moving all the time. I try to get it in when i could,.
I understand your concern, but I never zoom in on the Jsettes bcuz there is always some1 else zoomed in on them in another clip.  In fact, the Jsette clips are up before the band clips.

Give the dancers a lil limelight...ok.  But, zoom'n in so we can recognize 'em?  Uh...no thanks.  There are plenty of folks that dedicate their footage to dancers.  Find their footage.  These clips are about the band and it's music.


And, you already know what Ima say about zoom'n in on flags...lol.

Enjoy watch 1080p if you want to identify ... You do relize we Camera Men/Woman film for FREE right? next time there will be a Camera Man Strike!!!

How bout yall feed is when ya see us! LOL
i agree with u man

DrumMasterFDT said:
Enjoy watch 1080p if you want to identify ... You do relize we Camera Men/Woman film for FREE right? next time there will be a Camera Man Strike!!!

All im saying is you don't have to film the band to hear them, the dancers need to be filmed inorder to see them... think about it. it will make your videos more entertaining

Truth of the matter is.....the dancers do what the dancers do....they are gonna always move the same way. IDK Y.....BUT.....BANDHEADS WANT TO SEE THE BAND.....JUST DO. DANCERS ARE NOT BAND MEMBERS...just a piece of the puzzle. I know people that would rather watch dancers than a field show....WHY???? We are bandsmen. Wanna hear the band. No matter how distant the dancers are, you still see them. lol......but as far as I see it, Without CAMERA MEN/ WOMEN, this site would be practically lost on some band stuff. I tip my hat to them. When I'm out of the band (and some of ya'll know I do it now) I will see to it ya'll get a lil decent meal....McDonalds or something. lol

i get the dancers when they come to ,me ...LOL


From my point of view I see it to be better to tape the whole band and not individuals because a band is EVERYONE and not this person or that person. Most of the time those people that be recording the bands to where you can see the dancers and flag girls face be right under the band and that make the band sound horrible (thus has been proven fact) so yea.....


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