I don't need to go in immense details about the area known as "the golden triangle." But that area includes Vidor, Nederland, Orange, Beaumont, Kountze, Buna etc. Enough said...

Articles have surfaced calling out Beaumont Central's "Romney vs Obama" skit. A skit that has been performed by the band for the last 5 weeks but on Nov. 3rd at the Little Maurice - Cypress (LCM) game anti-Obama folks were insulted. Now a petition has been created on Change.org calling for action from the Texas AG Greg Abbott, who doesn't mind showing up in the "golden" triangle, to take action.

Here are some links where the topic has blown up.

The Blaze.com (o lord)


KBMT news


KBMT Facebook - 2 article with over 200 replies :/



Change.org petition



I'm not one of those bimbos that dance around everyday claiming not to see race. White people have a race-card but use it VERY gently compared to black folks. People really need to keep an eye on this and go into full support mode for the Beaumont Central band. If there's a meeting at city hall or the school board then we need to head to Beaumont and support them.


White people know when to use the race-card, negros don't. Black people will scream racism at the drop of a dime and it's to the point that when something serious takes place with blacks, it's like the boy who cried wolf. Cases involving thugs such as Trayvon Martin (FL), Chad Holly (TX) etc are not cause for the race card and marches. That’s why I cringe when black politicians and so-called black leaders abuse the race-card for non-sense.

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them folks on facebook are stupid that's all i can say

Another video here... GO comment people!




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