On a perfect day for football, the weather was gorgeous and the sun was shining on Texas Southern Athletics and the Houston Dynamo as they broke ground to their new home in grand-fashion on Saturday. Texas Southern President Dr. John M. Rudely and Athletic Director Dr. Charles McClelland were joined by Mayor Annise Parker, County Judge Ed Emmett and a multitude of VIPs from the Dynamos and Houston Sports Authority were on hand to break ground. “It is probably one of the most exhilarating days as [an] athletics director to be able to take part of a project this monumental, not only for the City of Houston but Texas Southern University…it is overwhelming,” said McClelland.  “We still have a lot of work to do. We are not out the woods yet.  But, where we were and where we are now is truly remarkable.” 

Texas Southern contributed $1.5 million dollars for the right to the new stadium home for the Tigers football team for next thirty years. The Dynamo is footing majority of the bill, contributing $60 million of the $90 million dollar stadium. The stadium will be located in the East End district across from the George R. Brown Convention Center. It will hold 22,000 fans. Five locker rooms will be built, one for the Dynamo, one for TSU football, and the others for the visiting teams. It will host MLS soccer matches, TSU football, and if Oscar De La Hoya haves it his way, boxing matches as well. “This is a perfect example of when you come together and unified over the needs of the community good things happen,” said City of Houston Mayor Annise Parker.  “We were able to partnership with an institution as historic and iconic as Texas Southern University, what better way to translate what America is about.”

The Dynamo stadium is expected to be completed in April of 2012.


To view the stadium LIVE via web go to: http://www.houstondynamo.com/stadium/webcam

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im loving the new stadium. Its gonna be more IMPERSONAL than people think, because its a SOCCER stadium. Ive been inside it, and its (ofcourse) alot more wide in length and width than most football stadiums. So that means VERY wide sidelines. and if the bands, presummably, sit in the upper sections behind the endzone, that sound have a very very FAR commute. lol.  But the stadium is absolutely beautiful tho.


One drawback to this 30-year lease is the , seemingly, slim hopes that TSU will ever have a a stadium on campus. And although they have this new, beautiful stadium to call home, having to DRIVE to EVERY game gets old. theres still a lil of excitement, but even JSU peeps still wish they could have that gameday experience of walking to their dorms to tailgate, and then walking to the stadium.

At some point I wouldve liked TSU to build a new stadium on their OWN campus, since theres a plan to clear out some of those houses around the TSU/U of H area anyway. This 30 year lease allow them to be comfortable with NOT having that luxury, which I think TSU deserves.

but nevertheless. im proud of TSU!!! had many family members to go there, and I cant wait until they break it in. I may have to fly back to Houston to go to the JSU game. I know its going to be BEYOND packed!

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