hey everybody im new to to band head and i need everyones help im in search of a tuba mouthpieces for a good  tone and excellent lows and i need your help on that situation im a tuba player at my high school im a sophmore and and the only tuba player so if anyone can shed any light on wat kind of mouthpiece i would be grateful

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But, dependant on what you're looking for, you might want to look through all of these three. Their "XL" mouthpieces look pretty big. But, like I said already, don't rely too much on the mouthpiece.

1XL: http://deniswick.com/all-products/mouthpieces/item/silver-tuba-mout...

2XL: http://deniswick.com/all-products/mouthpieces/item/silver-tuba-mout...

3XL: http://deniswick.com/all-products/mouthpieces/item/silver-tuba-mout...

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