TxSU HomeComing 2016.... Motion and Motion Alumni Look GREAT!

What do you all think of the Uniform? I think Motion is doing an AMAZING job in the UNIFORM department this season! its almost like a new one EVERY game lol....

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Alumni outdressed current motion

It makes think of lingerie. 

With the current it's the details on it that makes it lovely! With the alumni, I like it, would have did a different mesh color, that throw it off a bit. But nice uniforms for both in my opinion.

I like the alumni routine and uniform better.  The current white uniform looks like lingerie to me and it didn't give m "Motion".  But I will say that the girls are doing much better than in previous years.  I say they'll be wrecking shop next season.

Quin , Shun and Jas choreographed the Alumni routine .

Last_outlaw said:
Did Quin choreograph that routine! I love seeing her field routines! She needs to Colab with Jermani! The whole routine, alums and current gave me Motion...not that dance squad from 2012-2015

You right ...
P.H. said:

It makes think of lingerie. 

I liked them but I didn't love them... But I was hollering when Coach G hit that field and got her a piece I was yassss G give me all my life

She does whenever they have a sleeveless uniform

HBCU Guy said:

Kenya should try a tattoo cover up as well.

They did great ...

1) Nice uniforms
2) Nice routine
3) Alumni looked great ... the legendary mothers (captains) killed it of course (Shon and Quin)

All around good. I just wish there were more clips online of the squads from homecoming.

As the season officially heads into the final stretch, without a shadow of a doubt I kno next year the squad will be all the way 100 with a super strong crab class.

Again kudos to J


Hoping next season will be straight up FIRE!!!

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