What did yout guys think about the motions this past season???? I truly miss the 2017 - 2018 squad

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There’s nothing to worry about. The Motion is back on track. Expect a solid season for Fall 2019. 

Jarrett Goer said:

im a little worried!  I hope the motion pull through this year! I want all hbcu dancelines to win this year!

She didn't quit. She isn't coming back for personal reasons and a different college choice. She didn't quit last season she was injured and was medically removed from the team. Life happens and sometimes shit just ain't fair. But my daughter will be ok. So many people know so little about her but have all her tea that is sour and wrong. 

Mika Smith said:

Sigh smh. I didnt even know she quit last season. I wasnt sure what happened. I was looking forward to seeing her this year.

A coach for a high school team? Do you know if shes still at Tsu?

Thanks btw

Monique said:

I believe that she quit the team again this season. She’s a new coach for another team. 

Mika Smith said:

Is Semaya still on the team? I saw a clip of Motion and didnt see her anywhere plus she has no mention of the team or TSU in her bio on instagram. 

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