What did yout guys think about the motions this past season???? I truly miss the 2017 - 2018 squad

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No captain has been selected 

LordMercy said:

Who is the captain 

what happen to the Motion squard after winter. They only had liek 4 girls at one point, than at a parade the 2017 captain became back

In reference to the MLK weekend. School was still out for them and most of them were home. I don’t think unless the performance is mandatory that they are required to perform in the spring. Most of them choose to work and focus on class.

Well looks like they got their numbers back, I just want them have more space to spread out rather than that block formation they are usually in with the new stadium.

Peachyp said:

Yall not going to keep discrediting my girls. Yes, we had a few hiccups this past season but let's not act like the Motions didn't EAT on several occasions!

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