I know this season started off kind of odd... But I haven't seen any threads about rankings critiques etc in regards to the SWAC/MEAC teams... so what are your thoughts

Keep it simple Stands Field Uniforms etc... No Bashing

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Divas are very solid on the field and stands this year

nothing looks like the dolls besides the gloves

Stop beating a dead horse ...

1. divas

2.dolls- i know were gonna get some fire field shows this years. dannie is a beast.

3.motion- so proud of the motion, most improved squad. Less is more, glad they cut the numbers


5. black foxes the black foxes have way to many girls cut it to 12-15 girls. Less is more. Love and hate their new style. I kind of like the old style, but that was boring to some people. But anyhow these ladies are tearing up the field this year.

MEAC. Golden Delight!!!
1. Golden Delight
1. Dolls
2. J-settes

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