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But time will let me know that there is some truth behind all this. I just hope there is no truth and to see the smiles and faces that I like to see in stands again. 

What's happening? said:

Not everybody actually knows in house drama they think they do. Just like this man, there's a difference between actually knowing what's going on and thinking you know what's going on. Time can confirm it but it doesn't mean you actually know what happened or the story behind it. You'll just see the surface and make your own assumption of what's going on. Those videos are going to come back and haunt that man in a way that he isn't prepared for.

Zeke Hayes said:

No, it’s definitely not me. I live in the Midwest with zero knowledge of what’s on and I personally don’t care. Everyone claim to have juice on what’s going on, but if it’s in house how the hell you know what’s going on? That right there speak for itself. In house drama not staying in the house. Like I said I will let time you confirm what’s going on. 

What's happening? said:

He was wrong about that j-sette story that's all I will say. A bunch of us on here know what actually happened but if you noticed nobody has discussed what actually happened because it's in house stuff. That's not supposed to be out here. It wasn't public knowledge. Everybody would've known what was going on with the j-settes if it was supposed to be out there. He had to find out his wrong information from a fan that videotaped these girls at practice without their knowledge. People in the Youtube comments don't know a damn thing. This man says he has sources and videos which would make people believe that everything he's saying is true when it's not. He has wrong information on the j-settes, the dolls, and the stingettes. If you noticed nobody on here has talked about in house drama (drama that hasn't made public) on bandhead this season. There was drama and it was discussed hardly on here. When it gets messy on here threads get deleted because it isn't something for everybody to see. I think we can all vouch for that on here. We've had incidents of discussions on here that involved one part of the girl's personal life to come out and either the comment is deleted or the entire thread is. I want you to go and read the comments under those doll videos and see how quick people were to believe that bull about Micah and instantly attacked her in the comments. As fans, we know that certain things should not be for the public which is why Facebook groups are created and honestly, in most Facebook groups those girls personal life or in house stuff is not discussed. That man does not know those girls or have the correct information to even be making videos. They 'll find him soon and it may even be you that's making these videos.

Zeke Hayes said:

I’m not saying what he is doing is right. I’m saying he doing the same thing everyone else is doing just differently. I guess it’s only okay for people to start and keep up with these dance line drama on bandhead but nowhere else. People talk shit and throw out names in the comment section on YouTube all the time but it’s fine. Now, about the alleged J-sette being the whistleblower he didn’t have to put out like that, but I guess that’s something being talked about around campus. He might be right or he might wrong about what’s going on but only time will revealed the truth itself. 

J Sampson said:

Please explain how he is not making drama?  He stated a JSette's name in his latest video and stated she  was the one who ''allegedly " was the whistle blower regarding the hazing ( mind you, there is still NO confirmation on why the girls were suspended). WHY would you put her name out there like that,  when you have no evidence of this allegation?   It does not matter if he continuously says 'allegedly", because  you have put her name out there with no factual evidence!  Guess what? The damage is done! Now you have folks thinking she was a whistle-blower!  SMH!    So what if they have 20K followers.  Of course they are going to have a following being part of a well known SWAC dance organization.   Having  that many followers is not permission for you, me , or him to start lies, false accusations. and alleged innuendos.  There is nothing wrong with speaking on these dance teams. But some of these folks are more concerned about being the next TMZ and getting a check. While most of these girls just want to dance, get their degree, and live life! 

Zeke Hayes said:

My thing is the only thing this Youtuber is doing differently than those making forums of alleged issues on bandhead, creating Facebook messy groups and having a 50 reply thread comment section under YouTube videos is that he making videos about what’s going on. Everyone is doing the same thing by talking shit about these young ladies, but have their way of doing it. It’s not like he making up drama. If these dancelines do good he will report the good. If they do bad then he will report the bad. With the era we live in mostly everyone want to be instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube famous and that’s the truth. You live a private life by staying private. Most of these ladies have 20k plus followers on social media and they love it. Some of these young ladies want to dance next to Beyoncé and dance in music videos. Sorry, but thats not living a private life.

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