http://      my favorite DCI(Drum Corps International) band is the Madison Scouts...i love their rich and full sound projection...their drum and pit sections are A1 to me also...

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phantom regiment or the cadets

Phantom Regiment & Blue Devils

Coach Carter said:

Phantom Regiment & Blue Devils

the Blue Devils have a snappy drumline....


I like Carolina Crown the most but I also like The Cavaliers, Santa Clara Vanguard, and Madison Scouts.

My favorite have to be the blue devils. Great arrangements! But i did like Phantom's and Carolina Crown's shows this year.

my LB did 2 seasons with Carolina crown..he always said that doing DCI really test your passion for band.(practice everyday, all day, constantly traveling during the summer)

Blue Devils and Madison Scouts. love the arrangements and shows from both bands. Cant wait to see them in person next summer...missed the Blue Devils in Cypress again -.-

Devils!! Cant wait until Saturday!! Snipes will be in the dome!!

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