BE HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i feel that da ridge sterling and worthing; madison okay but sterling murdered yall last year; milby needs experience bad; north forest havent really heard too much but was told the sound good so i guess they are elite now (but remember they are 2 schools in 1 now)

Lil_Angel_Mello said:
idk y but i guess...........

Daniel Jr Canales said:
Cuz Da Ridge Wants Them......Trust Me We Do.........Showtime Baby......Molestic Mellos 2010
lilscooda_LM said:
It depends on who wins there game on saturday between them and B.C.

Daniel Jr Canales said:
Da Best Band n da Land Da Ridge .....sorry Everybody hatin By the way is North Forest goin 2 Lamarque BOTB

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