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It's a competition. Competitions makes rivals and beef.
well me personally i agree with KAYCEE....some of the hatred does comes from the history between the two but also i think its that once someone hears it from a person thats in that certain band it escalates to a person that isn't in neither one of the bands and they start saying it also...but all i can say is....THE BEST BAND IS THE MOST DISCIPLINED BAND !!!!!!
I just think other schools are annoyed by ours. :-/
One thing i want to know is why Scotlandville hate Baker High they try there hardest to get at us like we have done something but they keep comeing and dey dnt like us at all but they think there better den us but we hate them in da same way>>>>>can some one answer that fa mi?????
*cough, cough*
I am sure it is just because of the heat of competition.

da only thing i can say u may hate on a nother band but how many times have u beaten dem n a battle of da bands and dats my opion on da situation


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