January 31, 2014
World Famed Tiger Marching Band Makes ESPN Magazine
Grambling State University’s widely known marching band is featured in national
magazine with award-winning musician Trombone Shorty and New Orleans Saints
Grambling State University Media Bureau
Grambling, LA -Grambling State University’s World Famed Tiger Marching Band is no
stranger to publicity, so when a recent phone call came from ESPN, Larry Pannell
considered it normal.
“We’re no strangers to ESPN,” said Pannell, the director of the bands. “For me, it
was just another typical telephone call. They knock on this door so much.”
The week before Grambling State University’s December graduation, Pannell received
a phone call from ESPN. They needed 10 band members to travel to New Orleans on
Dec. 23 for turnaround photo shoot at a famous and popular club called Tipitina’s.
ESPN provided band members and two faculty members with their own tour bus.
The bus was equipped with a living room, 12 beds inside, each with its own DVD
player, and more. Pannell and band members said they felt like celebrities.
New Orleans musician Trombone Shorty, whose birth name is Troy Andrews, is
featured in the photograph with New Orleans Saints wide receiver Kenny Stills and
defensive end Cameron Jordan. It’s a part of the magazine’s fantasy halftime show
package, providing readers with seven musical choices to see which act they would
love to see during a Super Bowl halftime show. http://www.shreveporttimes.com/article/20140131/NEWS01/301310035/Gr...

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You sure you never went to Grambling?

953578877% Sure. lol. why you ask?
Antonio "Still 2 Tall" Barrino said:

You sure you never went to Grambling?


thats good

Gsu been on.

My man Tony might just be a loyal GSU fan lol. They do still exist.

Whats sad is if this was SU or JSU or even a bad clip of GSU this would be flooded with pages by now saying good job or the best this or they so sorry...

I was just curious fam. One thing we are taught Tony...critics will be critics.....when we do something worthwhile, this generation is not designed to appreciate accomplishment......if they make "twerk for MLK Day" flyers, what makes you think they will respect accomplishments of Grambling?.....we are living history...and no one cares....it's sad....but that is our burden....we live with it. We are blessed to be a household name. It's like the blues singers of the 60s.....their music was stolen by white artists and no one cared....yet overseas, everyone loved and respected their music.....in the black community, we are just Grambling....depending on generation that is....to the band community at large, we are a wonder....an entity many would pay and sell out venues to see....we are not the only ones, we just don't spend our time on the net boasting it as much as others...

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