Let me go ahead and get it started. Lots of cameras there for the 5th so clips will b posted soon.
Small Pre-game battle, which was cool. JSU came in swingin wit No Crime(that damn first note)
GSU came bk wit Feels Good by Tony Tone Toni.

During the game neither really played but jsu played more since there football team was monkey stompin our ass all game.

Halftime: i really like JSU field show, the GSU crowd was groovn to Reasons(earth wind & fire) and they got house for that. Dance Routine, hmmmmm ok. Maybe because ive seen it but the energy was there. Overall GSU crowd enjoyed the Show cause we normally give visiting bands crickets or boos.

GSU Halftime: recycled show but it has gotten better sound is there and i like the change with the Trey Songz Dive In for the slow number. Dance Routine was cool the end got house with the crowd singin along to the rap song.

5th quarter: JSU hands muthafuckn down. Grambling put everybody to sleep and JSU would wake everybody up again. Grambling would play a slow song and put everyone to sleep and JSU would wake evrybody ass up again. With that said GSU does sound good on everything they played it just wasnt go to battle songs against an intense band like JSU.

Good job to both bands. Both did what they do. Aside from us losing 53-17. I enjoyed it.

Im a Grambling Alum and thats as bias as I can make it.

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sounds good to me, hell gsu can be boring but as long as they sound good. But cant wait for clips.
but think about it, gsu has nevee has been the band to just have intensity that 99 season tho whew. But these games come down to what ppl like, but i agree gsu does need some songs that will bring it they are capable of it, but gsu vs jsu is always one of them battles you cant predict due to you never what eitherband will do. Just glad the gsu vs jsu HALFTIME SHOWS ARE BACK NOT ONE SIDED ON THE FIELD.

The best show JSU has done all year in my opinion....entertaining.....




Zero:Grambling played 3 marches while jstate warmed up the zero was nice and cool battle ...not really alot of playing in the stands 1st half jstate played cause they kept scoring & gram played when they could cause the football team is horrible and didnt really have aot of chances to play..Halftime J-state WALKED and wasnt marching through the 1st part of they show but blowing on F & Gs when they came in the music   ...it was entertaining to an extent they breakdown was creative and the crowd enjoyed it Gram.=reused drill but was marching they ass off it wasnt like one side of the field was holding it down but sides were pushing. The Fresh was on point until the end it fell off. The band feature on Dive In was really nice it was excuted really well.. breakdown the crowd loved the Do It coming off the field... 5Qt. Jackson and Gram was playing two different types of music..In my opinion of the battle..jackson was looking for a blowing and power battle and gram gave a music technicality with the songs they played..to me gram was running music to see how it would sound at the bayou classic and jackson was just being jackson ...the drum battle was crazy things got heated ...cant wait for the clips on that one....

The Cleveland Bud Driver??? lmao

10 minutes and some change for that show....that's why I hate JSU


B. Phunk ♬ said:

10 minutes and some change for that show....that's why I hate JSU

this battle was nice both did them and it was good but gsu that she's fresh gotta clean up but wasnt bad. good job to both of them.

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