Word on the street is JY has a new band director. Former PV drum major. The band is constantly rebuilding itself. Round of applause to Mr. Williams for fighting a good fight with Yates' administration and band alumni on his decisions regarding the band. Even I had to stop and come to the realization that more factors are in the picture than most people think about the the band programs today.

Waiting for showtime this fall before I throw out anymore kudos to the new cat.

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Sam Long is a very well known director and PV alum I hope he brings JY out of the dark ages

LOL.....we.pumpin!!!!!!!!! HOLLA AT US!!!!

who are the top bands in houston this season?

thats a good question i want to know too

BigDeezy318 said:

who are the top bands in houston this season?

Long and the Penson are taking care of business. From what I've seen, some of the old thunder from Ms. T and Prof. Jacksons days are making a resurrection @ Yates. Yates is going to regain it's crown for Houston's dynasty.


Yates and Worthing for sure

The past two years Yates band was already on the right track. They went to UIL two years ago and the concert band sounded pretty good. Also they won first place Small division at a few battle of the bands. Mr. Long was a great choice in the continuation of the program. They can only get better as they continue to grow.

I wish their feeder situation was better though


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