So what do you remember from your crab year?  What was the music being played?  What memory sticks out? 

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Crab Year 2009 Memories
1. Almost endingup going to Miles Clege
2. Going To Albay Ste University
3. Crazy Crab Nam I Had ( CraZyLegZ, Cant Get Right,etc)
4. Doin all knda suff in frnt ofthe Passionettes at practices
5. Neck Battle Aganst Alabama State
6. Givin TuskegeeThe BUSINESS (Blew Ball N Parlay @ Them)
8. Fountain City Classic Givin Fort Valley The BUSINESS
9. Getting Selected To Be In HONDA BOTB 2010
10. Crossing Z Phi Z

Song List
500 DeGrees
Africa/Coming To America
Strange/Skin I'm In
Closet Freak
Lets Go
Back N Forth
Pretty Brwn Eyes

TBoneSuave said:
Last Year Memories...

1. Not even thinking i was gone march then ended up marching.
2. Having a band play my music, and actually being able to conduct it. Nice feeling lol
3. Hotel in Baton Rouge was the worst I ever stayed in....floors were wet, air condition didn't work, horrible room service, smh...
4. Recording for BCFX, playing at two BR high schools
5. Fountain City Classic where we didn't get to play till dang near before halftime and we blew "Gimme That" all down Albany's throat.

Main Songs of last year:
Spotlight Groove
Rub You The Right Way
Rock Steady
Before I Let Go
As We Lay
I Like It
well.....i was lated da first day of "freshmen" camp n da drum major had me n push up position till it was dark as hell i couldnt see!!!
my tenor drum section leader gave me a jab 2 da spine durin field practice lol.....dat shit had me numb 4 like 2 hrs
when we had 2 wear lil boosie fades 2 da magic city classic lol wit da jason masks (dat shit wne t hard) lol
my band director runnin da percussion section 4 a whole field rehersal smh
when we went on da indianapolis trip da upperclassmen gt me n my lb/cb drunk lol b4 the game
What do I remember from my crab year?

~Dress rehearsal the night before the LDC~

Prof: "Okay"
~We JACK PYT all the way up...and Prof is pissed~

Prof: "Okay....Giant"
~We JACK Giant Steps up even WORSE...Prof is beyond pissed now~

Prof: "This the WORST crab class I have ever seen come through Prairie View....I OUGHT TO let the old heads LOOSE on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
~Old heads get CRUNK~

Prof: "But I'm NOT"

Old heads: "AAAAAWWWWWW PROF!!!!!!"

Needless to say...that was a long night for us....smh
almost going to SU wit my homeboy haramel him almsot not going to SU and being at TxSU band camp for 2 faithful weeks
his mama makin us late for 5 o'clock practice and gettin in trouble by my section leader
only havin 4 crab bro's
my crab bro's sellin me out and makin me crab section leader
smashin 2 upperclassmen on freshman status in the band *good times*
wen i needed to wind down going to graystone kuz my CB's from lousiana always had something
finishin with only one other crab bro
upperclassmen gettin mad at us kuz the staff made us wear the ocean shirts to practice instead of white shirts *not our fault*
comin in smashin everybody but my section leader
havin the hardest 1st month kuz i was to cocky
tryin to keep my eyes off the motion doing all the buckin and etc *perk of playin sax*
goin to honda and it being boring
smashin UAPB big ass in dallas
2008 book
Never Knew Love
Shy Guy
Please Excuse My Hands
Get Off
Talkin In Your Sleep
and etc its all on youtube
SU 1989 crab class
We began on August 13th with 106 freshmen.
We ended at the classic on November 18th with 30 freshmen.

"You figure it out."

What's up Jukes? This is "Truck"- bass drum


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