"Hannah Montana" - by Migos

I just heard this song on the radio yesterday.

Very catchy song and very "bandable" as I would call it.

Don't be fooled however. This song is about being a drug dealer and selling cocaine among other drugs.

A recent theme in rap music is to equate "white girl" with cocaine.

Rappers will use the term "white girl" or other famous white females as a code for cocaine.

Mentioned in this song, are the names Hannah Montana, Lindsey Lohan, and Katy Perry. Other songs reference Christina Aguilera. All are codewords for cocaine.

Here is a link to the song itself as well as a website you can go to help you decipher rap lyrics.


Please be aware that the website is full of obscenities, so you may be better off checking it at home.


Being that we are all trying to uplift our children, music, and our nation as a whole I thought I would spread the word to you.

Please pass this to as many band directors as you know.

I would ask that all arrangers join Block Band is refusing to arrange this song.


D. Rashad Watters
Founder, CEO
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