what is your name and what do you love most about marching band ???

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well let me start by saying my name is rashad and what i love the most about marching band is looking good and cranking with control...another thing is battling...when it comes to battling i get that crank feeling and go into beast mode
The name is Skinny T

I love the music and the pride in band. So much different then corp style n it has wayyyyyy mo heart. Im glad im in a different band then wat i was

my name is willie johnson...i love the fullness and heart of a band...

My name is Sydney and what I love most about marching band is the companionship and competition. ^_^
the name's irma ;D nd wat i love bout marching is that yu get to blow away another band nd embarrass them right on the spot :D the battling is the best part bc i love competition.. i may not play a brass instrument, but i can surly play my piccolo nd beast at it....... aside from the marching nd blowing, the band is like my second family...... and we are one bc we all want the same thing --->> to be great nd achieve glory :D

my name is jalen and what i like most about marching band is marching into the stands and battling other bands

I'm Elijah and I love playing my instrument and marching. Whats awesome is when the other band feels like they are not worthy. That happened at a game this year (i'm in high school) and the other band said we were so much better than them and we are. I'm always saying "if you want it done, get any band to do it. If you want it done right, get the Canton South band to do it."

My name is Nicholas Smith trumpet player for the Huntington High School. I love marching band because it makes me me. I love music because it is my medicine. Whenever im in pain or hurting or sad i listen to music and i feel so much better. I also love marching band bec ause when you love wat u do u work hard 4 it or for a position


My name is Eric A.K.A Big Sousa the thng i love about Marching band mostly HBCU Show-Style marching Bands is the Hardwork,Dedication,the motivation. In band the word "band" means a group of people in a organization banded together as a tight knit family .I love music 2 death wen im stressed i rely on music im on the Manning High School Marching Monarchs Band i play Sousaphone/Tuba.wen u work hard 2 get u are there is nothin that can effect that all i talk and thnk about most of the time is Music and Band.lastly it is my strength, 2nd savior Under God and 3rd under my positive family members and friends and i love Battling and the Heart of band music

the name is avery, the one thing i love about marching band is the bones. They make the bands sound sound full and not empty. Also using music to communicate with other bands

My name is Patrice and what i love the most about band is going out there and having everyone screaming our names as we are doing our thing.

Wats gud btonezach the name is Eric Lemon i had finally gotten bback on bandhead nd wanted 2 rejoin the band geeks im about 2 play the sousaphone at Shaw University the thing i love so much about marching band is the battling the Musicianship amongst the bands the respect the will 2 win i love HBCU bands also i would rather march Show style than corp style i just love band altogether its apart of my every day life.


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