The Marching Rams Show Band is a campus organization at the unsinkable Albany State with a widespread reputation for good clean fun, general wholesomeness, and healthy rowdiness. As we march our way into the hearts of those who love us and those who know us, we can feel the energy we emit being returned to us. Everywhere we go, the crowd is rapt with attention and admiration for us both as a musical group and as a fun-loving collegiate crowd. We have traveled to Indiana for the Circle City Classic in 2011 and Chicago City Classic in 2012. We have also been invited to Honda BOTB six times. Today, we are currently entering a rebuilding phase and are seeking solid instrumentalists that are willing to work hard. Tuition at ASU is affordable. Not to mention we have a great music program. So what are you waiting for? Yes, YOU can be a part of history! We're asking you to come, compare, join, and enjoy the fabulous Marching Rams Show Band at Albany State University! Apply now at

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