Langston is offering the following scholarships to graduating high school seniors in addition to any scholarships earned through band auditions:

2.5 unweighted gpa-scholarships start varied by gpa

2.7-MINIMUM of a 1500 dollar scholarship for Oklahoma Residents, minimum of 2500 for out-of-state residents.

3.0 gpa-if you participate in band at this gpa, you are eligible to earn a scholarship that will waive your out-of-state fees (worth nearly 7800 per year)

3.5 gpa AND 22 act (1020 math reading on SAT)-You may apply for our full-ride.  This covers tuition up to eighteen credit hours per semester, fees, room and board, and books.  You must have everything turned in by the end of January.

If you haven't seen our prices, we're the most affordable historically black university in the nation at 14300 per year for in-state (books, fees, tuition, room (double occupancy, add 2000 for a private room in an apartment-style suite) and roughly 21900 for out-of-state students(double occupancy).

Our band prospect form is here:

Our FREE online application is here:

My e-mail for scholarship questions for graduating high school seniors is  Transfer students may be considered for all scholarships except the Honors Program.

If you want to tour our beautiful campus and see our beautiful on-campus apartments here is your link:

We already have a good sound, come add to it and help us build something great!

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