Show No Fear, Show No Mercy, Live, Die, and Dream Just Like A KING

-I know It Might Seem Arrogant of Me-

-To Claim To Be The Swac's True King-

-But If You've Seen My True Journey-

-You'd Have no Choice But To Agree-

-Some dislike The Way I Talk-

-With Such Authority in my voice-

-Some Dislike the Way We Play-

-Whenever We Feel Like it, Ofcourse (LoL)-

-Some Say we Have lost Our Way-

-I say we are Further Down the road-

-For I see the light at the end of the tunnel-

-If your Coming, all Aboard-

-As We aproach My Last Campaign-

-I Swear to Demolish all in My Range-

-To Show No Mercy, To Live the Dream-

-To Show No Fear, And Live or Die Just Like A King.............................................

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