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Comment by I'm Fresher Than Yew on December 21, 2014 at 2:01pm

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: This guy PREYS on black women!! He is a perpetually unemployed STALKER/ABUSER of black women. Ladies, he WILL hit you. He will CON and steal from you. Ladies, when you are done with him, he will spread LIES about you, and stalk you. He feels he superior to women. He is possessive. Refrain from sending him nude pictures and intimate texts. You are NOT in a relationship! He is vicious and unbalanced. He will use your private life as leverage. He will try and ruin you on the internet. BEWARE of this con artist FELON. Do not give him money, food or shelter. Do not have unprotected sex, or any sex with this man! He is NOT DATEABLE! He has had restraining orders issued against him. He is about to serve prison time for bank FRAUD. Don't trust him. EVERYONE Stay far away from Khalil Simon!! Especially black women. You have been warned... don't believe me?

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