After 43 years, the HBCU Dance Team trendsetter and innovator has retired and has been inducted into the JSU Sports Hall of Fame!

Every HBCU Dance Team has copied something from the Prancing J-Settes. After 43 years at JSU, The Prancing J-Settes sponsor from 1975 to 1997 has retired. The thing I remember the most about the Narah Dean Oatis era, wore false eyelashes, pony tails and displayed class, poise, charm and beauty. Oh, and awesome dance routines. I have to give the late Hollis Pippin, J-Settes choreographer, ex-twirler and the believed creator of J-Setting, some credit for those awesome routines.

He started out as drum major. When Helen Ford, who later became Miss Black America, came to J State, the two of them were twirlers who performed with The Boom as The Ebony Twins. At the same time, he was a stern task master as choreographer for the J-Settes. After he graduated and went to Hollywood, Helen became a J-Sette.

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Narah Dean Oatis                           Hollis Pippin

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In her famous words "If you don't show it then you don't throw it, and if you don't throw it then that must mean you don't know it, and if you don't know it then you don't go. If you don't go then So!!" right before she cut you from a performance lol She truly did not play. Her with her note pad, camera and pen was lethal!! Love you Mrs. O O!!

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