Oct. 20 On ESPN U @7:30 . . . Who Yall Goin For

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Game- NSU



Band- NSU!!!

Game: Toss


Band: B-CU

welp Cookman took both the game n band

BCCGurl said:
welp Cookman took both the game n band

NSU Had WAY More Technical Arrangements And Power

BCU Had A Rich And Beautiful Sound


When It Come Down To The Arrangements NSU Had BCU BEAT

Sound It Was A Toss Up

But The 5th Quarter Was A Hall Of Fame 15 Songs And Both Bands Could Of Kept Going

In My Opinion NSU Won.

I don't know about the winner of the matchup, but BCU sounded great on that Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay on the main page!!!!
Ya'll can believe these Spartan Legion fools if yall want to, we straight shut it down.

I know I'm late lol but here's what I think: Of course BCU's sound was a bit fuller and darker if you will but I'd probably have to give this battle to the Legion. #1- I thought it was amazing how NSU is only about 150-ish pumping out the same sound as Bethune's 250-something so you have to give them some credit for that. #2-Their halftime performance was just simply better. #3-The Legion was just way more technical...Both bands sounded and looked great though

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