Its That Time Once Again, The Battle Of The Bands In Buffalo Land! This Saturday At 5:00 PM. Over 10 Bands From Louisiana And Alabama Are Set To Hit The Field, And Compete For First Place And Bragging Rights. Pre-Sale Tickets Are 10$. $12 At The Door. This Is An Event You Won't Wanna Miss!

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Are Amite and E.St John corp bands?

Donaldsonville not going.

Nope, Show Style. 

BigDeezy318 said:

Are Amite and E.St John corp bands?

Anyone know which bands will be in which division?

Nice line up. Diverse to.

On behalf of the Baker High Symphony of Soul marching band we want to thank all the bands who showed up and participated in last nights event, as well as the people in attendance. I will post last nights results in just a moment.


1. SU Lab

2. Glen Oaks

3. Texas Street


1. Vigor

2. Jeanerette

3. East St. John

4. Amite


1. Istrouma

2. East Feliciana


Istrouma High School Marching Band 

Nice event..Baker raised big money last night fa sho.  Here is my take on what I seen last night reverse order

Small Bands

3.Texas Street: The started out looking nice. Drum majors intro was pretty tight ..until they started marching.  That goes for the entire band! Soon as they start marching I am sure the judges started red flagging.  The way they transitioned to other formations were slaw af!  For a community band they have lots of work to do if they want to even phantom the thought of competing with bands in Louisiana. Louisiana is the drilling state when it comes to high school marching bands.

2. Glen Oaks: Looked a lil weak when compared to Istrouma's BOTB. The sound was loud but loud doesn't get the cake. Tempo was kinda drag.but I have always liked their drills. The sun burst is a GO favorite and they do it well! Dance routine was nice also. Overall..Glen Oaks was GO; a band that will beat you...if you let them. Dancers were tight! Like the routine. 

1, SU Lab: The shocker of the evening in my opinion! The Lab school was clean in their marching and very good in sound. For an elemetary/middle school band, these kids have up the ante on the standard for middle school bands. Their dancers were nice also. I could have sworn the players in the front were in 5th or 6 grades and blowing! Performing Fly Like a Bird was nice also. For small timers in a big timer's world..they held their weight fa sho.

Medium Bands

4. Amite: First time I have seen them marching traditional. Last I remember, Amite was a corp band that was bland and dull (in 2003). To see they have a director from SU makes me really want to see them in another year or two. Not bad in terms of intentions. I could see what they were getting at, but drum major and band marching on the wrong foot..well they have things to work on and that is just how it goes. I believe that this band can be the one to look out for in the near future.

3. East St. John: I like their drills on the field.  After winning the gold at Istrouma's BOTB, this week proved to be much more competitive. When faced against bands of their size, they did not have enough creativity and energy then the top two. I believe their sound was better than Vigor but I guess it is what it is at the end of the evening.They too are a band to keep eyes on in the years to come.

2. Jeanerette: This is a band that will have energy and sound for your ass when it comes to field shows. Unfortunately I believe they missed that energetic point they make on the field. I like the Shai song in concert formation. I think they did real good on the field. They almost had it ..but then again..almost doesn't count.

1. Vigor: They came in from Alabama and put a foot down on the competition! Good show and I was very impressed with their drills. Maybe I was so impressed because I rarely seen bands drilling decently in Alabama. I heard their band director is from SU so I am sure that is the reason for their knowing what to expect (unlike the other bands from Alabama who were there). Good job to Vigor!

Large Band:

2. East Feliciana: Decent drills but the tempo lacked excitement in my opinion. I like their dancers and the song the band played..on point! I believe if EF would have up their tempo the drill would have been more competitive against the top band of the evening. As a growing band in terms of years and strength, this band have the numbers to cause havoc in the marching band world of Louisiana. They continue to get better each time I check them out. Unfortunately better does not beat best and that was the final band I speak of..

1. Istrouma: I believe the band that is a close 2nd to Baker in terms of numbers and drill.  They had a show! Good drills, dance line tight, and dancer routine hittin. I like their sound and believe they were the stronger band of the evening overall. I am growing to like the Istrouma (even  though I couldn't stand them back in the early 00's).  Congrats Istrouma for being "That" band!

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