Hello all. I would like to make this discussion for all that would like to discuss the pros and cons of HBCU schools and bands for those that are looking for options will be able to make a decision. I of course will be the representative for Norfolk State University. Anyone with questions or concerns about the school may post of here or message me about it. Thanks and LET'S GET STARTED.

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Why don't yall offer out-of-state waivers to north carolina citizens

I honestly don't know, I feel that any state close should get a waiver, however there scholarships and the band is TRYING to getting out of state waivers. you can always get a change of address to get in state tuition....other than that you should talk to student affairs about that. I wish I could help more, but im out of state too and further out than NC.

Southern University and A&M College offers to waive out of state fees if you score an 19 or Above on the ACT and also finish high school with a 3.0 and above. Just to throw that out there. 

Avery Jack said:

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Norfolk State already offers out-of-state waivers to all optical engineering majors, and I believe D.C. residents as well.  When you get in to the details of scholarships, it's all about where the money comes from and what it's allowed to be used for.  For example, I have an academic scholarship and a band scholarship. I can use my band money for anything school related (tuition, housing, meal plan, etc.) but I can only use my academic scholarship for tuition payments.  Once my academic money goes above the cost of my tuition, I lose that extra money. It can't be used for my housing or anything like that.  It's a similar concept with waivers.  What matters to them is where the money is coming from, and what it is supposed to be used for.  Public colleges are funded by tax dollars, so the state has a say so in a lot of scholarship stuff.  If they don't have the right type of funding from the right type of place, they can't offer you a waiver.  

That said, our starting band scholarships add up to about the same as an out-of-state tuition waiver.  Here's a link to the institutional scholarship guide: 


It lists all of the scholarships the school offers.  It's often better to get scholarships rather than waivers because you can use them for whatever  you need, not just tuition cost.  Good luck with your search!
North Myrtle Beach ਸਭ ਦੀ ਏਕਤਾ said:

Why don't yall offer out-of-state waivers to north carolina citizens

Well actually no...the scholarships are based on ability and grade point average...in no way is it guaranteed to come close to an out of state waiver however it is possible to get over the financial short comings with help, payment plan, FASFA, and scholarships. And it's possible to get more than one as Claire e  however just remember, no money is free money, everything must be worked for. But it's worth it

As she said, scholarships can be boosted based on your GPA. Out of state tuition is about 10,000 a semester. In state is about 4,000. Our scholarships START at 4,000 a semester, and average around 5,000 a semester (but they do go higher). This closes the gap between out of state and in state students, and is similar to an out of state tuition waiver.
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