“When I was able to reach out to the Historically Black Colleges, it was very exciting, the opportunity to have them come and perform this year, for my year,” said Tournament of Roses President Gerald Freeny.

Freeny noted how he wanted diverse groups of bands to be part of the Rose Parade. He also mentioned how the HBCU marching bands would bring excitement to the parade. Seeing the marching bands can inspire young viewers, showcasing how music can be a primary option for their future.

“For them to see the drumline from Florida A&M and Alabama State, I think it’s gonna give them the energy to say ‘hey, we can play drums.’” Freeny said. “Just give kids more of a vision or give them more of an opportunity of something to think about majoring in college.”


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Jackson State was invited to the 2018 Rose Bowl parade, BUT the catch was that the school had to cover the transportation and lodging.  That’s a huge expense for a big band from a school that’s tight on funds.

DON'T yawl HAVE a strong, active, AND dues paying ALUMNI ?????

Kudos to both ASU and one of my alma maters FAMU.

Yeah, we do.  Paying for a trip to Pasadena though?  Nope.

If JSU applied, I'm pretty sure the Rose Bowl Committee would extend an invite to the Sonic Boom.  Every band apply to participate in case you didn't know.


I’m glad JSU didn’t go to that white wash parade where only a few black bands are invited. Can count them on one hand.... but numerious white bands are invited. 

John Brown,

Just so you know, JSU was formally invited to the parade by the Rose Bowl Committee.  But that invitation was all there was to it.  No support for travel was offered, it is very expensive, so the Boom didn’t go.

The WEST coast does NOT KNOW ABOUT YOUR BAND PERIOD......yawl DON'T TRAVEL west, SO your exposure IS very limited!!!!

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