Ok i recall a few wks ago that JSU was #1 and SU was #2 i guess only JSU members and fans was only voting! this is the true ratings and to behind OSU is saying alot, SU is right where they belong!

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1. its other bands who have a overall better sound than OSU as of arrangements yes OSU looks good on the field but it gets boring after a while...they look great yes but its other bands who sound better and have the entertainment factor. 2. Its bands better than SU in the COUNTRY also as of sound and entertainment value As OSU SU shows are becoming one note yet verypredicable! I like SU band but this article here is simply a opinion just as mine. But two best in the country. NO. Are they of the best HELL YES! Oh for the person who started the topic lol FAIL 1. SU was stated being #2 in the SWAC but #2 in the Country also. So if JSU will settle for #1 in the SWAC and SU #2 in the country as this states sorry SU is ahead then....But this article is just a opinion thats it..people may feel im hating im not! but congrats jags! but hey i stated my opinion.

Right.....long as title smh 

FrostyNacho said:

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tony how can u be number #1 in the swac but don't even make the list of best in the country but the number #2 band in the swac makes it to the number #2 in the country! that shit don't make sense and it prolly went over your head! people don't like giving SU their props and will find any and every reason to discredit them, lets face it man they are the best HBCU band and its been like this for awhile now! also who stated SU was number #2 in the swac besides their haters and people who tired of them being number #1

Right #2! This is someone's opinion! JSU! Sonic Boom all the WAY!!!!

Kenneth SU is the most consistent SWAC band!! Have been so who does not give SU props! But its no way in hell that yall are the #2 best band in the country!!! That means SU is damn near perfect in any and everything they do!....not true. People pride is just omg! BUT SU IS VERY CONSISTENT SU GETS THE MOST PROPS BUT WHAT SU DO NOT DO IS GIVE OTHERS THEIRS AND WHEN SU MESSES UP ITS A 85678 PAGE TOPIC WHY.Can you honestly say SU shows and sound and sections were #2 in the country in 2013?? Come on man! We have seen the same drills for over 50 years I WOULD love to see a drill by SU that will change up and say omg WOW!! I remember in 2009 or 2010 JSU made the top 9 list ( #6)of best bands clearly even JSU ppl disagreed because JSU SHOWS were terrible....now you cant even compare that anymore because their shows are great now! SU is no way nor any other HBCU band is #2in the country. SU gets props hell they have the #1 fanbase band wise but a line has to be drawn to BEYOND BELIEF!!
SU is and always has been the best AND most consistent band in the SWAC. No band is perfect nor near perfect so go on with that B.S. When you are the best at your craft, people will always critique you and hate on you for no logical reason. What sets SU's band apart from other bands are the overall consistency (sound, look, size, etc.) as well as CLASS!!! I'm not going to debate all night on this but a lot of you Jukebox haters need to learn how to give credit where credit is due and support your fellow SWAC band in this achievement!!!
CLASS??? and achievement?? based on ones opinion ok. ppl are just clueless who has time to hate when we know su is consistent . But SU is not allowed to be critiqued? but they do it yearly to others so youre saying SU 2013 FIELD SHOWS were #2 in the country? even from trumpets and all. ppl need to never mind you cant say nothing to SU if you do youre hating! but they critique others yearly.
Once again...NOT going to debate this all night. I have a life to live and you (tony) need to get one TOO!!!
I do yet youre still responding funny when ppl disagree they need to get a life but su ppl are allowed to say wtf they want on other bands

People please take the message.

There was already a topic about this a couple weeks ago.


He could've posted his opinion in that topic but decided to mention the MightyJSU and start his own.

So people on here bragging about being number #1 in the swac but they didn't even make the list for best in country smh seems like they got they priority mess up! No other band but SU was rank in the top five from the SWAC, that's like being number #1 in the AP poll but not even in the top 5 in the BCS! if u don't know BCS is what determine who play for the championship this yr! Now to giving props, JSU is a good band they just not better then SU! they improve over the last few yrs but just because they have improve doesn't mean they better then SU! JSU changed their style because of SU at one time they was a grooving type band, now they want to play everything loud! JSU loud sounds like a cassette tape and SU more like a CD......JSU loud isn't clear as SU! stop trying to be something that traditionally wasn't known for! JSU can go volume for volume with SU but that's where it stops! they don't sound better, there arrangement aren't better either! I respect bands like FAMU and BCU they don't change there style to be like anyone even grambling, but most other bands in the swac wants to be like SU with how they play, most SWAC bands play or try to play loud like SU now, SU been doing this! FYI being rank #2 in the country have more weight then being rank just in the SWAC I cant believe I have to explain the difference! that is like being rank in top 5 for a Division 2 school compare to being rank with the big boys in the country SEC, ACC, BIG 12 ETC man yall laughable!

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