Prancing J-Settes Breaking News: No Summer 2017-2018 Tryout!

It was just announced on the J-Settes' Instagram that there will be no Summer 2017 Tryout. They will have Spring Tryouts in 2018 as usual. No Jaz! :-(

Many speculated that this might happen, considering the line is already 17 members strong (including the captain). I was still holding on to my hope that Jaz would tryout and reclaim her spot on MM.

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I'm mad as hell about it.. No jaz lex or pat :(

That's right!! I forgot Pat didn't tryout in the Spring. She's an upcoming Senior, isn't she? This would've been her final year.  :-(

Boomtastic said:

I'm mad as hell about it.. No jaz lex or pat :(
Hopefully they held a private audition for the old heads *wishful thinking *
No Jaz, Lex, or Pat. Wooowwww. First my fav dolls now I won't see my fav settes.
I saw this coming, I'm gonna miss all three ladies. At least Jaz can comeback. Kristen and Deja are gonna hold it down. Hopefully Kristen gets that captain spot her senior year, if not then hopefully one of the 16' crabs will be strong enough to take it.
I know this is off topic but I'm so ready for the '14 settes to go. I'm looking for to 2018. With all the drama and mess that went along with them. The suspensions. I don't like the fact they comment on YouTube videos and try to argue with the fans. Don't get me wrong, they can dance their asses off but they just don't do it for me. They are Jsettes they shouldn't care what the fans think, let alone argue with them. It tears down the legacy.
16? Who? When? Where? No of them are ready they barely know the stands let alone field.. I think Now it will be between Kirsten and deja.. I won't be surprise if deja get it because that girl been on her ish.. I hate that they choose so many girls spring tryout.. These new crabs better be a force to be reckoned with
Fans have to realize you can't BASH SOMEONE and be mad when they defend themselves. You NEVER that right
Also I hope Morgan really train up the newbies and the 16 babies as well like she suppose to..I need them to come out the gate at the merge swinging..

Its either the three decided not to come back or they are going to hold a private tryout for them as has happened in the past. I can't see them just dumping experienced vets such as Pat and Jaz unless they just decided not to return and focus on school. It had already been rumored that Jaz said she wasn't coming back this year. 

I wouldn't be surprised if one of the crabs from 16 gets chosen as captain.  Have we not learned when it comes to selecting a captain, the J-Settes are very unpredictable.  I mean, you all are basing your opinions off one season; a season that didn't start off with any type of real leadership until the third game and technically she only had one year of experience under her belt. What possibly could she teach me as a crab when she's still wet behind the ears herself? As a crab I would be confused as hell too.

Be logical 16 crab getting captain over Kirsten or deja? Chyle please.. If anything it would be kayla or makayla.. They still need sum work.. Private tryout has happened before? when?

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