Bands in attendance:

O. Perry Walker

Edna Karr


Warren Easton 

L.B Landry 

Starts @ 1 p.m. This Sunday Nov. 18th

Stands and Field Show battle

Money earned will go to the school's bands so come out and support!!!

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Who won?


As for as sound quality goes it was SWD by a long shot.

SWD as in Southwest Dekalb?
Yo Chris I was watching your channel on YouTube, and I was wondering if them sex clips was from n.o battle. I didn't know they were coming.
Swd not taking off spell check

Spell check only changes words to commomly used words.... hmmmm

But all of the clips have been uploaded. I also have the Baker BOTB clips up. I'll change the names later
BigDeezy318 said:

Swd not taking off spell check

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